Hip Hop. It aint a genre to me its life. The first song of the day sets the mood right. Call me the purpburna. Born in 1982 in the boogie I grew up with this shit. First album I ever bought was Aint a Damn Thing Change by Nice & Smooth. Been calling illmatic the Bible before it was cool to do so . I tell you I live this. I’ll be doing a weekly blog reviewing 3 songs a week. We’ll eventually get input from the real hiphopjunkies out there on what to review but this week ill be reviewing new fire by the L.O.X., J.Cole, and Joe Budden.. Hope ya enjoy. S/O to all the 90sHipHopJunkies out there!! Lets keep the movement alive!!

J.Cole- Wet Dreamz

2014 Forest Hills Drive

Starting this off with the young g out the group. This joint will immediately have all my 80s baby back in 1996 passing notes to that first pretty young thing you fell for in class. He goes thru so many emotions we all went thru. Shook as fuck but still gotta play it off like you a vet at this crushin’ shit knowin’ you aint. The kid rides this beat like Kiesha rode X in Belly. It just feels right, the beat gets your head bumpin and the word play is on point as usual. The rest of the album bumps but this is by far my favorite track. Definitely a must have in the V…. Shout out to J. never disappoints.

Joe Budden ft. Emanny- Only Human

Some Love Lost

Joey Jumpoff, Mr. Self-Sabotage, Insanity’s Definition….. Ima warn ya from the jump if your minds unstable this whole album may push you over the edge, but if youre like me and are a firm believer in God never gives us anything we cant handle then all the joints on this album can be used as motivation. This song hits so many different shit us soldiers on the grind go thru. From love to suicide, to depression, drug addiction, and back to love. One thing I love about Joe as an artist is he is an open book. You already know what you getting and this track doesn’t let us down. Coming from my era lyrics are everything and Jumpoff never falls off on that. Emanny lays the ill hook too, his harmonizing will have you singing out loud while bumpin’ this. Joe is very Pac’ like on this one. Theres a part where hes spittin’ about writing a suicide note to his mom that is fucking deep, deep cause I know all my real niggas been there. What can say this track gets my vote….TWICE!!

The L.O.X. ft. Tyler Woods – Horror

The Trinity 2nd Sermon

I saved the best out of the 3 for last. In my opinion at least.. If you don’t almost break your neck when that beat drops then you probably shouldn’t even be on this site. Real talk. This shit is fuckin HARD!! This is a jump a nigga, jack a nigga, rumble type shit. the beat reminds me of some old Don Cartegena and Mobb Deep shit. Boom Bap at its best…the track starts with the resident goon Sheek Looch and man does he rip it. Its like he’s two piecing you thru the wire. Then the Ghost follows up and just raises the level. Droppin knowledge that can resonate with the hood niggas, backpackers, and book worms. These are living legends if you ask me. Never switched it up for no one and this track shows so much growth. All of that sets you up for Mr. Al-Qaeda Jada, Son of Sadam!! Never a throw away line from my nigga Jada. Nigga said “it wasn’t done right if the casket is still open!” OUCH! I grew up with these legends. And theyre still doin their thing. The purpburna and 90sHipHopJunkie SALUTE you for that! DEFINITELY A MUST HAVE!!!!


Thanks for reading and log on next week as i take the review to the old school and put 3 classics against each other. If any of ya have an suggestions feel free to follow the kid on Instagram or email me your suggestions… have a blessed week.. 100!!





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