The American Dream


Kendrick Lamar is definitely causing some controversy with this one. He made one of his boldest political statements this week when he posted on Instagram the upcoming album cover to, To Pimp a Butterfly.

In the caption he wrote, “Don’t all dogs go to heaven? Don’t Gangsta’s boogie? Do owl sh-t stank? Lions,Tigers & Bears. But TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY. Its the American dream n—a….’ – lil Homie.”

The idea of this concept came from Kendrick Lamar and his manager Dave Free who got French photographer Denis Rouvre to take the photo. The photo is of a few children and a mob of black men holding champagne bottles and stacks of cash on the front lawn of the White House. At the bottom of the photo there is a white judge with his eyes X’d out.

Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) has said before, If we could link up every gang, and niggas is willing to share the pain, we'd put the White House lights out today.

 The title To Pimp A Butterfly seems to evoke on the title of Harper Lee's novel To Kill A Mockingbird, the 1960 classic about racial prejudice in America. So we kind of get the drift of where Lamar is going with this one. He is known for tackling subjects such as racism, addiction and self- love. We’re just going to have to wait a little longer to see what tracks are equivalent to the book.

 "To Pimp a Butterfly," will feature 16 tracks including the songs "i" and "The Blacker the Berry." Release date on 3/23.

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