Notorious BIG 05/21/1972 - 03/09/1997

On this day, March 9th, marks the 18th anniversary of one of the greatest emcees in hip-hop history. The Notorious B.I.G. Was fatally shot and killed back in 1997, at the young age of 24, and still, his murder remains a damn mystery. I remember hearing the news that day on Hot97 and watching Telemundo with mom dukes and seeing that foul shit there too. It was crazy, as a shorty, it's hard to comprehend that situations like this really occur in hip-hop and I had trouble accepting it. Everybody in school was buggin, crying, mourning, and although we were kids, many of us already had a great love for hip-hop and Big's passing affected us.


Still today, the love for Christopher Wallace is tremendous and his music still lives through his fans. Without a doubt, we're never letting this go. There hasn't been another rapper who's been able to fill Big Poppa's shoes and I'm pretty sure there never will be. With such a short and brief career, his legacy has made a huge impact in hip-hop and even the new cats pay homage. If you don't, you're probably corny and most likely your music is trash.


I can't really say that today I'm celebrating anything, however, we at 90shiphopjunkies, acknowledge his passing and respect what he did for the hip-hop culture. Although his catalog wasn't as extensive as many other legendary emcees, it sure doesn't make shit any less significant. What Biggie brought to the game was monumental and will forever be remembered.


So tonight, we'd like to share some of our favorite Biggie Smalls records and it would be dope if ya'll can share some of yours with us as well.

Evie Rodriguez