J.Littles Respect The Grind

"Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard, thank the lord i got both," were the final words before the crowd erupted in cheers as an aspiring latino hip-hop artist known as J.Littles took second place at the Coast 2 Coast, Industry Mixer  in NYC.


Born in 1984 to a single mother in the city of Medellin,Colombia, J.Littles was exposed to harsh realities at a young age. After a long struggle, his mother was able to achieve her goal and relocate them to a housing tenement in Jersey City, New Jersey  pursuing a better life. The culture and sound of hip-hop was everywhere and J.littles instantly fell in love with the art  after listening to the Lords Of The Underground's hit single Cheif Rocka. It was  then, when he discovered his talent as a wordsmith and developed his own sound, influenced by the legends from the golden era of  HipHop Culture. Understanding the politics and evolution of the music industry he strengthened his movement by studying film at the New York Film Academy in order to be able to direct and edit his own material. His work ethic, consistency and charismatic energy brought his childhood friends together to form Grind City Productions.  Now running as a powerhouse in his local community J.Littles and Grind City Productions have been setting the standard from music to visuals, as well as making a noticeable presence felt on the internet with several of his videos being featured on WSHH and other top 10 websites. Following his Respect The Grind Mixtape series (Vol. 1, 2, & 3) he is finalizing The Respect The Grind short film,  in a 6 part mini series of music videos with clever narration and comical acting skits. Teaming up with professional and digital marketers this project is sure to take his buzz to another level.  Currently working on a debut album his best work is yet to come. Sky's the limit is an understatement, as his journey to stardom is in route.



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